Carl R. Bland, Jr., Class of '69

BAKER!! What a place in life! I learned many things there; mostly about freindships, life and simply getting things done....I worked hard in the DCT Program in my Junior and Senior years, at which time I also directed the club as it's Pesident. Paul Mezick was a God-send to all of his students. Aside from learning, some of my life's most memorable moments still reside within the halls of Baker High School. And some of the most meaningful relationship's are still fondly remembered in the Baker years..........

Since Baker, I spent five years of adventure in the US Navy and couldn't wait to get back home to Columbus and civilian life. After returning to Columbus, I attended the then, Columbus College and began an accounting career in a large Columbus based corporation. I married and have two children, one Daughter and a Son. Both of which I devote my life and efforts to. I am currently a purchasing depatment manager for a local wholesale supply house.

April, 1998

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