Keith Dunn, Class of '69

Played golf, English Club, etc. at Baker.

Enjoyed Mr Liebendorfer's humanities class ...

Passing Geometry (Col. Mitchell's class was HARD)!

Auburn Graduate - Batchelor of Science in Business Administration (Accounting) Four years in the Army (went to college on 4-year ROTC scholarship) Went back to school and got another degree from Columbus College - B. S. In Recreation Planning and Administration. Fifteen years in Civil Service:

Two years at Ft Benning - youth sports and aquatics; Four years in Okinawa, Japan - Athletic & Recreation Director for USMC & Athletic Director for US Army; Two years at MacDill AFB, FL - Athletic Director; Two years as Outdoor Recreation Director at Patrick AFB, FL; Five years as Financial Manager for major acquisition programs at Patrick AFB, FL.

Married six years (1980-86) - no kids

Still playing golf, fish offshore.

October, 1996

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