William "Buddy" Kahmar, Class of '69

[Deceased: May 4,2004 ] Please be advised that my beloved William L.Kahmar passed away May 4,2004 of lung cancer.

I found this page January 4, 1998 just by cruising the web. I lived in Columbus from 64-70. Went to Baker, loved every minute. Sitting in my front yard this afternoon, I was thinking of all the good times. I can still remember cruising up and down Victory Drive, hanging out at the Krystal. I sure would like to get ahold of sone of my old freinds. If anyone has heard from June Slaughter or Lisa Lott please contact me. I am home every night and either me or my son check our E-mail nightly If anyone remembers me, please fell free to give me a call.

January, 1998

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