Ginger Kelly, Class of '69

After years of teaching in various places, I find myself at St Patrick's School in Phenix City as Principal. Have been in this job 2 years and am having a great experience. Am married to a nice guy for 18 years. He is the Asst Chief of Police in Phenix City AL. Met him while both of us were working at the Infantry School at Fort Benning. He was an officer and I was an Education Specialist. We are living on about 11 acres surrounded by trees and animals. I still get misty when I drive by Baker High... When they the city began getting rid of things at Baker, my staff and I rented a Ryder truck and took 30 lockers from the Senior Class area at Baker. Found all kinds of things left over even a pom pom. Placed those lockers in St Patrick's the dream lives on....Painted them and have identified them as coming from my alma mater. Life is a circle....peace to you all

June, 2004

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