Joy Mellen (White), Class of '69

Joy Mellen (White), 1997 

I was one of the first graders to leave Baker High mid-year for Muscogee Elementary on the other side of Baker Village. We lived in Benning Park. Do I qualify to be a Lion? (Yes, indeed you do! You're a Lion Cub.)

I also lived off Floyd Road for a while and attended Eastway Elementary from 1958-60; Mrs. Lagen for Second Grade and Mrs. Gentry for Third.

Dad retired from Army in 1965. I'm married to George and have a 7-yr old daughter. I own a very small technical writing company here in Orange County, CA. My plan is to retire this year at 45 and devote myself to fun things like Girl Scouts, family, and hobbies. Update 2002: I'm pretty much retired finally - working a few months each year. We have moved to the California Inland Empire. Still heavily involved with Girl Scouts and enjoying life.

August, 2007

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More Pictures

Joy in First Grade at Baker.
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Here's the Lion Cub's first grade class. That's Joy in the back row with the ribbon around her neck. Cute, huh? She doesn't remember anyone except Irma and Timmy in the front row. Does anyone else recognize any of these kids?

In these pictures from about 1957 we are in the back yard of the Fletcher Avenue house. Here's my dorky brother, Carl Mellen. The middle two are the Aultman brothers, then me, Joy Mellen White. Who's the kid standing off to the far right? Love the cowboy boots.
Joy at the Fletcher Avenue house.
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Joy with Bob Aultman.
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That's me again on the right with one of the Aultman brothers. I don't remember who was who of the Aultman boys. Maybe their sister Sonia does. (She did; that's Bob in the picture at the left. In the picture above right, Don is facing forward and Bob is facing backward.)

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