Al Muehlke, Class of '69

Heidelberg '70 
Bon Marche '02 

I didn't get involved in organized school activities to the best of my recollection. We were stationed at Ft. Benning and so most of my time was spent with friends on post. I played in several bands during that period and most of my best friends were musicians. I do remember skipping a lot of classes to head down to Herb's Pawn Shop and play guitar! As you might guess, I was not National Honor Society material while attending Baker.

Left Baker and graduated from Stuttgart High School (Germany) and then went to Schiller College (Bonnigheim & Heidelberg, Germany). Fairly typical existence ( for Army brats anyway ) after that, especially considering the era. Spent the next 20 years in various occupations & countries before returning to the states for good and settling in Las Cruces, NM where I'm the manager of a southwest design furniture company. WAS a manager that is. Moved up to Gig Harbor, Washington and working for the Bon Marche. Needless to say, mention of "scrambled dogs" draws a blank stare up here~

January, 2003

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