Robert W. "Bob" Pawson, Class of '69

I spent Sophomore & Junior year at Baker (66-67 & 67-68). My dad (LTC W A Pawson) was transferred to NJ for my Senior year. I visited Columbus, GA in the early 80's with my wife, but alas, Baker was boarded up! When I lived in Ft. Benning, I was in a band (The Embers). I played keyboards and rhythm guitar. We did a few gigs like pool parties, some grand openings of stores & service stations, and Teen Square. Enjoyed being in ROTC and German class. Suffered through algebra with Mrs. Adams. Ironically, I am now a very good at teaching math. Go figure. Somewhere in my boxes of 'old stuff'-- I still have my copy of the 1967-68 Baker student phone book "Lion on the Line". Graduated Rider College (NJ) '75 with degree in Elementary Education. Went to ROTC at college. Arrived at Basic Training in Ft. Riley, KS just in time to be told Viet Nam war 'over'. So they discharged us and sent us all back home. Married Linda (met at Rider) in November '75. Have taught in NJ schools since. Currently teach computer education in Trenton Public School system. Have 4 kids (b-g-g-b). All are over age 20 as of February 2012. Looking for folks like: Ira Lee Lott, Robin Russell, Francis Ferrara, Bob Fierro, Dave Wisdom, Steven Huff, et al. Anybody have contact info for Mr. Curtis Russell, who taught German? MEMORY LANE??? WDAK "Big Johnny Reb! Ye-ahhh!"; DJs Boom Boom Cannon and Robin; Hart's Delite Ice Cream Parlour; Teen Square dances; "Up with People"; filming of "The Green Berets"; Antenna Woman; Lumpkin Road; Main Officers Open Mess (MOOM); the famous Pink Mustang (Who WERE those ladies anyway?); Herb's Pawn Shop; Krystal Hamburgers; Penny Saints (Don't Sell Your Mind); etc. TV commercial "He'll never learn. Southern Maid bacon will not burn." Anybody have photos of Teen Square? UPDATE 7/10/04: HEY! Found brothers Bill & Terry Lober! Actually, Bill found me when he did a web search of his own name... and this Baker page popped up! UPDATE 9/30/07: Sadly, Bill "Wolfman" Lober passed away May 2006 in Galveston. Remember how Bill used to howl through Baker's hallways? Also found via google searching - Gus McLeod & George Snipan. Also found ROTC pal Steven Ponikarski in August 2006. Update 10/06/07 Ah well. I will update this again at a later date. I hope to hear from a few old friends and acquaintances. Update 2/18/12 Just stopping in.

February, 2012

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