Michael Redmond, Class of '69

7/20/2004 Baker memories dimmed 'a ways back', but remember 35 yrs. ago tonight sitting in Ron Johnson's living room w/ Ron & Mike Grant watching black & white images of Armstrong and Aldrin walking on the moon. We'd just graduated high school less than two months earlier. Am now living in Huntsville, AL, where Von Braun orchestrated the event. Have been married almost 30yrs. to Brenda, who grew up in Valley, AL--40 miles north of Columbus. We met after we graduating college in a downtown Columbus basement nightclub called 'Down the Hatch'. It was summer of 1974. Bet some of you remember it. Demons in black lights, etc. Have two sons--Blake and Mark. Blake is a junior at Auburn. He's majoring in building science. My younger son attends Huntsville High. He'll be a sophomore next yr. Have insurance agency in Huntsville, AL, at 7500 S. Memorial Parkway, Suite 215R. Stop by if you're in the area. Enjoy our Baker web page. I visit it occasionally to see who's signed in and to find out what has happened to old classmates. Hope everyone is well and enjoying life after 50. It's different. I've gone gray but am holding up pretty well. Brenda and I enjoy our home and the happenings in the Huntsville area. Again, e-mail or call if you're in town. Mike

July, 2004

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