Dianne P. Reid, Class of '69


I was not an "Army Brat" like most of the students at Baker, but most of my friends were. My public school education began and ended in good ole Columbus, GA. I received a Bachelor and Masters Degree from Troy State University. As I think back on my days at Baker, it is very difficult to try to select just one memorable moment to share. I can say though, my happiest times were experienced in the band. Playing my flute with the marching band for the Pre-Game Show at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, FL is very high on the list. Music was and is a very important part of my life. I did not marry (although I've come very close) and I have no children. Whenever I feel maternal, I spend time with my three god-daughters living in Washington State. I am presently working at the Federal Aviation Administration Headquarters in Washington, DC. I have been employed with the Federal Government for 25 years. I am looking forward to retirement and possibly returning to the Columbus area. I missed the 2000 Reunion and heard that it was FABULOUS! I don't plan to miss anymore.

December, 2005

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