Abigail "Abby" Van Brunt (Martin), Class of '69

I left BHS and headed for nursing school. Became a RN in '72 while working part time at Medical Center Hospital. Shortly after graduation in 72 I started working at St. Francis Hospital in the operating room. I was one of 3 RN's that started their open heart program there. I was married to Perry Martin (1975) then a captain in the US Army at Fort Benning. Shortly after marrying him, he became an FBI agent and our whirl wind life started with moving to first VA, then Houston, TX, then to New York City, on to Washington, DC where my son was born in 1984, of course named Perry Jr.. After 6 years in DC we were transferred to the island of Guam where we spent 4 wonderful years, from Guam we moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and spent 7 years there. Perry retired in 98 and we were headed back to God's country and close to our families. We settled in Birmingham, AL just in time for me to get involved with the 2000 reunion and what a blast we had. I still work in the operating room and love every minute of it. My son is now in his first year at Auburn University in Enginnering and I'm presently waiting for the next reunion to be announced.

December, 2002

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