Robert A. "Bob" Allport, Class of '70

At Baker: 3 YEARS R.O.T.C., Loved the sockhops, had a great time in Senior English class and U.S. History class. Riding motorcycles. Since BAKER: Married September 1972 to Patricia (Roberts)class of 1970 BHS. Two grown sons, 30, and 25. Both living in Columbus. Oldest son married in March 2004, no grandkids yet. We moved out of Columbus around 1987, into Talbot County, just outside of Columbus. Nice country living, and away from the rat race. It's a whole different lifestyle. Became a Certified Volunteer Fireman around 1991 and started up the O'Neal Volunteer Fire Department, in my community about a year later. Became the Fire Chief and a Certified First Responder and continue to do that today. We are all volunteers, and do not recieve any pay. I'm involved with my community church and other community affairs. Love the Internet. I also enjoy seeing old friends from school (BHS), listening to oldies music, fishing, spending time with my sons, and having a good time. Like I said, the simple things in life are the best. HI guys and gals. Drop me a line anytime. ONEALVFD@AOL.COM

July, 2004

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