Diane Biglane (Griffin), Class of '70

About-Baker: I was President of The Lionbacker's Club my senior yr. Baker High was a great expierence for me. I met so many friends that to this day I have remained close to. We all went to Baker to learn and what a lesson Baker taught us. All the sporting event's, sock-hops,what a memorable time it was. I've worked on last 3 reunions for the Class of 1970 but the Mega Reunion that was held in June 2000 was the greatest ever. Many of us who worked on that one have had what we call the Reunion Blues but rest assure there might be another in the works in the probably future. If they decide to tear it down or leave it up no one can ever take away my memories at Baker High.

After-Baker: I've lived in the surrounding Columbus area for the past 30 yrs. I'v been in the nursing profession for 25 yrs. My primary field is OB/GYN. I have 2 children a son Chris 30 yrs and a daughter Kim 27 yrs. Between the both of them I have 4 grandchildren. Columbus is growing in leaps and bounds and is a great place to live. I love to travel and hope to be doing more of that in the future.

February, 2003

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