Laurianne "Puff" Fellenz (Dubia), Class of '70

I was the "girl next door" and just loved being part of the "Baker experience". I was a Dandylion and was a Ft Benning Sigma Delta Beta sorority sister. I worked every summer at the Ft Bennning pool through high school and college and worked on the annual my last year. For me the 4 yrs at Baker was an invaluable experience! I love you guys! I married my high school sweetheart and followed him to Colorado. Long story short, I joined the Army like my husband, served 20 years (which were super for me)We divorced after 10 yrs.Now I'm a financial adviser, which I truly love! Life is wonderful in the DC area running into old friends and helping others achieve financial indepedence for their family! In 2003, I was diagnosed with type III breast cancer. It was amazing yr for us as I went thru chemo, baldness and then radiation.While I would not wish this experience on anyone, for me it was truly soulsearching & personally in a strange way rewarding. As it made me value so much more that we sometimes take for granted. I'm happy to say, we just celebrated 20 yrs with a special cruise to the Mexican Riveria & we continue to treasure everyday together!

July, 2004

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Our 20 yr reception - June 19, 2004
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Christmas w/Mom 2001 - so many laughs so little time!
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