William "Billy" Goldfarb, Class of '70

About-Baker: I was not very active in clubs at Baker due to after school work. My most memorable times at Baker were in my Algebra II class taught by "Bomber B. Braxton". She was a scream and quite a good teacher as well. Over the years, I realized just what a great education I got at Baker. I still remember how to do Algebra and Geometry as I have been helping my daughters. I hope there is another reunion. I was very disappointed I could not attend due to other business committments.

After-Baker: I graduated from the University of Georgia in Accounting in 1974. Got married in 1975 and moved to West Palm Beach in 1978. I have 2 girls ages 14 and 16. I am the Vice President of Operations for the Southeastern region of Bessemer Trust Company in Palm Beach, Florida. I enjoy windsurfing and beach volleyball and golf when I can find the time.

October, 2000

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