Ralph Harwell, Class of '70

Drank, sang songs and chased women and got into trouble and at times studied. I was in ROTC but never really liked it. It was a dad thing! Sock-hops were great as were going to ball games and other social events. If I had to do it over again I wouldn't change a thing! It was a great experience.

Some friends of mine and I tried our hand at construction, didn't everyone, but found it to be too strenuous. Sooooo, off to Columbus College to see if I wanted to be a teacher. Nope, would have strangled students! Next career move, Finance. Worked for Household Finance for seven years at various branches in the Southeast. Next move... quit and moved back to Columbus, Ga. to work for the Georgia Company, a subsidiary of CB&T. Next, got married quit The Georgia Company and off to hot Lanta. Lived there for 10 years then the bank I worked for, Georgia Federal, was bought out by First Union. Next answered an ad in the Constitution for Computer Power Inc.,the largest processor of mortgages in the U.S., and low and behold... here I am. Have two lovely daughters, travel all over the country and spend my Sunday afternoons at Jax beach listening to live bands while soaking up the sun and surf. As Joe Walsh put it, "Lifes been good to me so far!"

July, 1998

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