Sherry Jackson (Jenkins), Class of '70

June 2001 

I was an Army Brat like 85% of the students at Baker. We were definitly not 90210 teenagers. We were unspoiled because we had the advantage of experiencing war and loss at an early age. I think that's what made us special. We appreciated the moment.

My most memorable moment occurred when I was running for Secretary of the Student council. Bobby Stevenson and Mike Bassett were in my skit to be performed in front of the student body. They were dressed in ballet tights and tutu's (and a lovely sight it was!) They were doing a ballet of sorts when Bobby got tired of dancing and he blurted out "Anyone who doesn't vote for Sherry Jackson for Student Council Secretary, is FAT just like she is." I couldn't believe it! I stood backstage in shock but it was just so funny I laughed and cried at the same time. He must have had some insight.....

I won the race.

I graduated from Massey College (with the doubledecker London buses) in Atlanta. That's when Underground Atlanta had dirt floors and smelled like a brewery and Sgt. Peppers had great bands.

I was married for 23 years and have 4 grown children. The two youngest are still in college, one at CSU and the other at UGA. They have turned out to be wonderful people and my very good friends. I work at Flournoy Properties based in Columbus with the Marketing Department. I had the priveledge of working on the 2000 reunion and it was pure magic. None of us had really changed...just a bunch of Army Brats coming home.

March, 2003

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Val Webb ('70) and Sherry Jackson ('70)... going steady again after BUMS 2000.
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My 3 oldest children...Tasha, 26, Danny 28, and Kirsten 24.
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Jacy, 20 (the baby?!) and me at UGA.
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