Linda Karen Johnson (Thresh), Class of '70

About-Baker: I was shy and retiring, a bit on the studious side. But I was a Dandy- Lion (briefly), member of the Debate Team and in National Honour Society. I had lots of memorable moments, like the times Mr. Liebendorfer would go mad in class and turn red with rage (as a teacher myself now I can really identify with this) or when the boy I was secretly in love with would look my way or even speak to me! I am very keen to reconnect with long-lost friends, particularly Charmaine Miller (whose email comes back as nonexistent) or Jan Rose. I was shocked and very saddened to note that Terri Riggs and Kevin Martin are both deceased and would like to know any details re. surviving children, etc).

After-Baker: I went on to UGA, got a BFA in Theatre and worked as a professional costumer for the theatre for several years. Fed up with that career, I went into teaching, and ran away to Los Angeles and then London marrying a mad theatre director along the way. We now live happily in west London with our children Karina,14, and Jack,8. I love cooking, gardening, music, theatre and spending time with my kids. We come occasionally to the USA to visit my sibling and were actually in Columbus for a day last summer to visit my parents'graves. For a laugh we drove round the old haunts, including good old BHS which was boarded up and very sad looking. This is what prompted me to look up any contacts/websites.

January, 2002

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