Lucia Lamee (Yates), Class of '70

Baker High School - I was very active in Gamma Tri-Hi-Y for the last two years of my years at Baker. Participated in DCT my senior year and worked in the library for spending money. Head librarian, Mrs. White was my neighbor and got me the job. Remember leaving during lunch every day and eating at Krystal for about .35 cents. Also used to eat at the Country Maiden - remember the best hamburgers and milk shakes!!!! Had lots of fun hanging out with my best friends Paige Lybrand and Debbie Gary. Remember the weekend in Panama City and meeting the Alabama boys??????????? Oh to be young again. I married Johnny Simpson one year after graduation (he was a 1970 graduate too) and had a son, David, one year later. Lived in Athens and then moved to Atlanta in 1973. Divorced in 1975. Remarried in 1990 to David Yates. No children. Son,David got married in 2004 so hopefully will have some grandchildren in a few years. Decided to get a college degree in mid 1990's and graduated from Mercer University in 2002. Live in a suburb of Atlanta and have worked at Coca-Cola Enterprises as a Manager in IT for the past 27 years. Hoping to retire soon!!!!!!!!

May, 2005

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