Charles William "Bill" Land, jr, Class of '70

where did all this gray stuff come from? 

Played in Antique Zoo 68-69 and at THE Reunion 2000

Live in Helen Ga. Network and Systems Administrator for Universal Chevrolet Group. Also am GMBuyPower Sales Manager. Serve as CFO for Briethorn, Inc., CEO of Landgrafx, Inc. Still playing rock music(my 11 grandchildren love it!). Looking foward to next reunion. Seems I missed out on a few over the years after I relocated here in N.Ga.


Moved from Helen to Cleveland, Ga. Got out of motel business (Briethorn), sold Landgrafx. Still doing IT/networking for Chevrolet. Have started a new SEO company and doing consulting for local Internet-based companies. Love to travel the S.E. Heading for The Outer Banks soon to see how this retired stuff works. Love to hear from all you Lions!

February, 2008

Bill's e-mail address: billland at universalchevy dot net    Contact information for Bill Baker Lions only

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