Nancy M. Sabordo (Harris), Class of '70

Don't have very many great memories of BHS except I used to pan-handle at the sock hops. Glad to graduate and get out. Very rebellious and angry in those days. Spent 3 months as an extra in the "Green Berets" with John Wayne in the 10th grade (that was kinda cool)'cept I hated the movie. Done a full circle. After high school hitch-hiked the California coast, lived in a communal setting, was under survailance by the FBI for subversive activites during the Viet Nam war, married, had a beautiful son, divorced, moved back to Columbus, became a bartender, Yoga instructor, etc. etc...One day a handsome seminary student at Emory started working at the bar w/me. He started a Bible study (Gospel of John) and I realized I was the woman at the well. We got married (29 yrs!), and now I have the joy of Jesus and peace that passes all human understanding. Highlights of the past 35 yrs: traveled Europe & US extensively, am an RN in post-op, became a certified aerobics instructor, hang-glider pilot, award winning water-color artist, performed at the '96 Olympics in Atlanta w/my family owned polynesian dance troupe run by my sister Shirley (class of '71), have done 2 TV commercials, have the most beautiful grandson, and live a simple & peaceful life in Central Florida (20 miles w of Orlando). Ya'll come visit.

September, 2005

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