Greg Tharp, Class of '70

I participated in ROTC the three years I was at Baker. I was there sophomore, junior and senior years. Teachers were the very best, enjoyed the comraderie of the times.

After Baker I spent one year at the Citadel followed by four years at and graduation from the U.S. Military Academy in 1975, along with several other Baker alums. Married Debby Kite (BHS 72) in January 1976. Active duty in the Army until 1983, with a tour in Mainz, Germany and then Hunter Army Airfield (after flight school). Left the Army in 1983 and entered University of Georgia Law School. Graduated in 1986 and have practiced law in Atlanta metro area since except for a six month tour in Desert Storm as a helicopter pilot with Marine Reserve Squadron out of Marietta. Debby and I now live on Lake Lanier. Jeff, our oldest son (DOB 3/22/77) is at Truett McConnell with intentions to transfer to UGA. Bryan (DOB 11/22/78) graduates from high school 6/9 7 and then to enter college yet to be selected. Enjoy computers and now the lake. Ambition is to resume running for exercise and health.

April, 1997

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