Virgil John Thompson, Class of '70

About-Baker: All four years were fun. We learned to work hard and play hard. Most memorable experience occured in 1991. I served on the Muscogee School Board and handed out diplomas to the 1991 Baker graduates,the last year for Baker High School. Wendy Guenther Mock's daughter came on stage I was so proud to be able to present her with her diploma. She is truly the perfect Baker LION as our school fight song says "a Lion born and a Lion bred" both of her parents and I were very proud. It was a happy day and a sad day as we sang our school alma mater for the last class of Baker High.

After-Baker: Upon graduation from Baker High I attended Columbus State and graduated with a B.A. degree in English/Lit. I worked for the Camellia Corp. and in 1980 became the Comptroller for Camellia Assoc. Ltd of Atlanta, Ga. a Property Mgt. Co. In 1994 I became a sales executive for the McClure Broadcasting Group. In 1996 I became the General Manager of WCGT TV and remain so as of this entry. I have three wonderful children. My daughter Laura born in 1976 now a Junior at Columbus State. V.J. my son born in 1982 and a Freshman at Columbus State. My youngest son Alex born in 1985 is a Junior at Jordan High School. As a single parent since 1994 with three children living with me my ambition is to raise three independent thinking responsible tax paying adults. I've enjoyed a wonderful life and look forward to every day as a new adventure. Thank you Lord for such blessings and great family and friends.

August, 2001

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