Pamela Vest, Class of '70

One of the things I remember most is being totally amazed at the incredible roar of the crowd during assemblies when they played "Dixie". I wasn't that sensitive to cultural diversity issues at the time, but I did wonder what the Blacks thought about it. I'd never heard such engulfing enthusiasm from a group before or after, I think!

Married Stephen T. Hanson; later divorced. Two boys, now 22 and 20. Moved to Washington state in 1976 or 1977 (memories going!).

I'm a Personnel Consultant for the state of Washington in the Dept. of Natural Resources. I have a bachelor's degree in public administration with a minor in labor relations. I love movies and reading; am a certified SCUBA diver and have done some interesting international travel to a few countries: Thailand, Burma, France, England, Mexico (every odd numbered year to Mexico). Hope to go to Russia and back to France as my 50th B'day gift to myself. Am very fascinated by politics; am on the periphery of state politics (Olympia being the state capitol) only as an observer.

December, 1997

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