Veronica Horton (Emerson), Class of '71

Baker was a lot of fun in the 60's and being a cheerleader was very memorable!

I attended Baker in 68 and 69, but graduated from Hallie Turner High after marrying Bruce Emerson in 1969. After 26 years of marriage our two children are grown, and we have a beautiful 4 year old grandaughter. We have been living in Huntsville, AL for the past few years. Last year we started our own consulting business - "BERCo" which keeps Bruce really busy with various clients. I spend part of my time working with Bruce and the remainder as an active Real Estate Agent. Our lives are certainly not boring, and we enjoy our trips back to Columbus to visit friends and relatives. My sister Faye Horton (Aman) (1969) still lives outside of Birmingham. My brother-in law, Eddie Aman (1969)is still in a coma after a car accident in 1987. He resides at a nursing home in Columbus, Ga.

August, 2002

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