Martha Elizabeth Ann Kelley (Campbell), Class of '71

I live in Texas on a small farm. We have raised cows, hogs and horses. I have been married for almost 30 years to the same man I met in Georgia during the snowstorm of 1973. We have three daughters. The oldest graduated from University of Texas as an RN. She works in the Neonatal unit at Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston. The second one graduated from Sam Houston State University in Criminal Justice, but works for Southwestern Bell in Houston. The third one will graduate in September from Texas A & M in Galveston with a degree in Maritime Administration. I substituted in our school system for 9 years until I had a really bad car wreck. I went to the big reunion for Baker High School, but I did not remember many people or our class just didn't show up. I have some memory back but I still struggle for names. Don't embarass me, just tell me your name and how I might remember you. Some things I do remember! Sock-hops, bonfires, football games, and the Krystal. I go back and visit ever now and again. I always stop at the Krystal on Victory Drive.

April, 2003

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