Jimmy Koon, Class of '71

My most memorable moments at Baker would probably lie somewhere between catching greased pigs on Sadie Hawkins Day, seeing the school auditorium burn, and sitting in English class at 9:00 a.m. as a squad of riot police walked through the courtyard to try and squelch the civil unrest.

Since graduating from Baker I attended CSU, Auburn, and UGA. Marriage to my high school sweetheart ended after 11 years, but the upswing is that we did have two children. I remarried after 7 years of swearing that I would never make that mistake again and can attest to the prospect that "It's better the second time around." Having recently retired from the State of GA, I now have a service company which keeps me fairly busy when we're not water skiing, snowskiing, renovating investment properties, or puttering around our homes in the country. Healthwise, I have been really fortunate, and I am thankful for the blessing.

April, 2006

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