Gary Wayne Parmer, Class of '71

I have been a working musician since just before graduation. I became "full time" in 1975 when I started playing 6 nights a week. I traveled untill 1988 when I grew tired of the road. I was in and out of Columbus from 75 to 88. I lived in Nashville Tn, Anahiem Ca, Atlanta, Ga, Mongomery Al, and other cities through those years. Since 1988 I've lived back here in Columbus. I still play Music in bands but mostly weekends. I also do a single act. I play more often these days as a single act. I have an 8 year old daughter from a previous marriage and a daughter who turned 1 last July. They are my greatest treasures. Oh yea I'm presantly happily married. You can catch me making music around Columbus. I take one day at a time and feel like I must be in life's bonus round.

October, 2002

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