Katherine A. "Kitty" See (Greene), Class of '71


All right baby boomers.......the clock is ticking. If you haven't already been invited to join AARP, it is just around the corner. I celebrated my 50th last September with a big surprise party given by my husband, Michael. We had friends attend from 8 states; this from a man who can't plan his way out of a paper bag. Anyway, it was great, and I love being 50.........other than that rather disgusting medical procedure, that they force upon you at that age, which will remain unnamed. I spend my time as President of Archangel Systems, Inc. doing defense contracting and all sorts of mysterious stuff (www.archangel.com). In my spare time, I forward terribly important email jokes; play with my dog; try to keep my 100 year old house from falling down; pretend to work out; and spoil my grandchildren.

January, 2004

Kitty's e-mail address: kitty at archangel dot com    Contact information for Kitty Baker Lions only

More Pictures

My husband Michael and me in the Opelika Follies.
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Me and my first grandson, John Paul.
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Vickie Chapman Moorehead (73) and me at my 50th birthday.
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A dog & her boy (my dog & grandson).
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