Joyce Regina Torbic (Livingston), Class of '71

About-Baker: I was pretty introverted during my 4 years at Baker, so wasn't involved in any school activities. I probably enjoyed the business courses and teachers most of all. Oh yeah, I had the absolute biggest crush on Mike Morin (who probably never even knew I existed). See, I can say that now that I'm a happy, well-adjusted adult! I think my most memorable moment was when the school caught fire my senior year--I was afraid that event might affect graudation. One of my best friends at Baker was Margaret Campbell. I haven't had any luck tracking her down, so if anyone knows whatever became of her, please let me know. She married a man by the name of Larry Stewart right after graduation.

After-Baker: Due to limited (often non-existent) funds, it took me 11 years to obtain a 4-year degree from Troy State University. Unlike most folks, I remained in the area, worked a couple of odd jobs, and began working for Civil Service in 1976. I married a man 14 years my senior in 1984 and we have a beautiful 24-year old daughter whom I consider my greatest contribution to the world (to date anyway). She recently made my a first-time grandmother on November 29, 2008! Now that I am "retired", I find I have more time to devote to writing and painting. Writing is my first love and I have several articles online at If you get a chance, take a look at them and let me know what you think. My husband and I are pulled up roots and left the Columbus area during the summer of 2005. We ended up in central Florida, in a small town called Weeki Wachi, FL. I know, I'd never heard of it before, either. Evidently, it's only source of fame is its legend of their "living mermaids." I miss Columbus. Having lived there for 43 years, it will always be home to me, and I am hoping to return there if the current real estate market ever improves. I would love to hear from all of you, so feel free to drop me a note anytime.

January, 2009

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