Donald "Don" Vest, Class of '71

Student council, wrestling team.

My most memorable moment is hard to nail down there were many, but I would have to say the day the auditorium burned down was pretty memorable. I didn't do anything that really stood out.

After high school Don went to Central Washington State College but didn't finish (not knowing what career he wanted). He worked for the school district for a number of years then married in 1978. Adam was born 8/27/80 then Andrew 6/28/82. He worked construction, sold real estate, and self contracted carpentry jobs for a few years before starting with the Dept. of Corrections. He has been with DOC for almost 15 years now. He is a Correctional Counselor and SWAT team leader. MICC is the last true island prison which can only be accessed by boat.

Don divorced after 15 years. He finally went back to school and will finish this fall. He married Laura January of 1998. She has a Masters in Criminal Justice and Public Administration and works as a Community Corrections Officer in Tacoma. They live in Steilacoom with her 10 year old son, Spencer. Steilacoom is located on the Puget Sound south of Tacoma.

I often find myself thinking about my years at Baker and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!

March, 1998

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