Patricia Ann "Pat" Wilson (Lamp), Class of '71

I moved back to Columbus in August of 2001. (I never thought I would live here again). It's been an adjustment after Florida, California and Texas, but it's been a wonderful adjustment. It really is a blast going just about anywhere in Columbus and running into someone you know. You just better be careful about what you are doing. I do miss my kids(and this is for you, Glenn)but I missed Glenn Wells more, and since we're getting married August 10, 2002; it just seemed like a good idea to get back to Georgia. Glenn is a BHS graduate as well as faculty. My mother is very happy that I'm just down the street again. She's so happy that she calls on the phone at least twice a day since it's no longer a long distance call. Among other pursuits I am, again delivering for "Meals on Wheels" which I've always enjoyed. Delivering helped me rediscover all the changes made in Columbus such as different names for many roads I'd known by other names.

March, 2002

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