Jack Lee Colson, Class of '72

After high school, I moved to Hollywood, CA where my acting career was not a complete success, but my stunt career was. Perhaps you have seen me in several top movies but due to contractual agreements I can not mention the names of the moves which featured Burt Reynolds, Goldie Hawn, and Lonnie Anderson. Currently I am living in Atlanta, GA working on my 12th novel and waiting to win the lottery. I enjoy traveling to Europe, have been a world consultant for major corporations, and am in constant demand for seminar speaking. I enjoy collecting paintings, late model automobile (I currently have 20) , and that about sums it up.

The above resume should of happened, but it didn't. After high school, I married Chelzie Manuel '72, had two wonderful children, Katerine an Auburn graduate and now a school teacher and Jake who is currently playing college football as a three year all American. After graduating he will persue a career in sports management. We are divorced. Things happen. I am currently living in Atlanta and enjoying life, doing sales seminars,remarried and still waiting to win the lottery. I look forward to hearing from former classmates.

While at Bill Heard chevorlet in Columbus selling cars I made the Guiness Book of World Records by selling 114 cars in one month.This help launch my sales seminars and motivational speaking.

May, 2003

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