Virginia Arlene "Gini" Duke (Morgan), Class of '72

Gini Duke, Class of 1972 
Gini and Joe Morgan (April 2004) 

French Club (69-70)and DCT (71-72)

One of my most memorable times at Baker was skipping school on the last day of the 10th grade (1970) and going to Lake Juniper with Debbie Kitchens (Southard). Lifelong friendships with Debbie Kitchens and Sharon Combs (Hilliard) had their beginning @ Baker.

I married David Brendle (Class of 70) in 1972 and we have two sons Bryan James (1974) and Kevin Lawrence (1980), we divorced in 1989. I have lived in the Tampa, FL area since 1975 and have worked as a customer service rep for more than twelve years. In March 1998 I married Joe P. Morgan, III at the "Tunnel of Love" (aka Drive-up window) in Las Vegas.

January, 2004

Gini's e-mail address: gdukey at msn dot com    Contact information for Gini Baker Lions only

More Pictures

Gini and Joe
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February 2004

July 2004
Son Kevin holding a baby from his Zambian village.
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Son Kevin has joined the Peace Corps and is stationed in Zambia Africa.
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April 2004

May 15, 2002
Sons Bryan and Kevin
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Son Bryan and his new bride Anne
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August 3, 2002 in Tampa, FL

March 2004
Son Bryan and his wife Anne.
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