Kathleen Anne Malone (Hargis), Class of '72

Kathleen Anne Malone, 1972  
and Kathleen Malone Hargis, 1997 

At Baker I enjoyed Band! Band! and more Band! My most memorable moment had to be the chem lab explosion or the fire. I rank the band trips to the Sugar Bowl and to Mardi Gras right up there too.

B.S. University of Oklahoma, 1976

Divorced; children, Katie (9) and Chris (11); 3 step-children, 19, 20 & 20 This is my 21st year teaching. I am currently teaching 6th grade Science and am very involved in environmental efforts at school. I enjoy bicycling, hiking in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, animals, and baking. My ambitions seem to be changing and evolving at all times.

Update: Chris is over 6'4" now, and at the age of 15 is still growing! He keeps mom busy with his team sports. Katie is also very athletic and into all sorts of things. Her shyness seems to be her only handicap...gee, I wonder where she got that from? After 25 years of teaching various levels of elementary and middle school, I've recently begun to teach gifted and talented students in Lawton, Oklahoma. We are only 6 miles from the premiere Wildlife Refuge in the country and enjoy many activities there. My parents live in Birmingham, so we keep the roads pretty hot!

January, 2003

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