Wayne Munoz, Class of '72

I wasn't involved in any activity. I was quiet and tried to avoid getting beatup, which was a common thing in the Freshman-Sophomore years at Baker. I remember Raymond King providing some of the most hilarious moments. He would dance to James Brown music in front of the crowded bleachers or run into the girl's locker room on a dare. What a bozo! I did make some good friends which I'll never forget. I loved the football games and everything connected with them. '72 was a great year for Lions football. I had a memorable four years: the racial riots...wondering if we were going to graduate, the auditorium burning (twelve years of fire alarms and finally the real thing!) I loved Baker High, even with all it's problems, it was a great school and '72 was an unforgettable year!

I went to Columbus Voc Tech after graduation. Then I joined the Air Force in 1974 from which I retired in 1997. I went back to school while in the AF and got a degree like everyone else. I also got married to an Ohio girl, who I am happy to say, I'm still with. I have two sons, the youngest a high school senior at another military brat school, this one in Colorado Springs. I now work for Lockheed-Martin, supporting space operations at Falcon AFB, CO. I still enjoy sports, music of all kinds, playing guitar and outdoor activities (This is a requirement to live in Colorado). I'd really like to hear from Danny White, Robby and Steve Wiednehoeft if you're still out there.

November, 1997

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