Gail Elizabeth Murray (Champion), Class of '72


At Baker I enjoyed the Drama Club and Concert Choir... Anyone could join my group of friends. That open acceptance serves me well in my career as a Social Worker at the Welfare office. I got to retire at 50! Yeah!

After Baker, I left town for the summer and then went straight to Georgia Southwestern College in Americus, GA Met my first ex at the freshman mixer. Married and moved to Augusta, Ga where I enrolled at Augusta College while I was there. We were way too young and divorced after only 2 1/2 years. We had one son who was kidnapped and murdered a year after our split.

I moved to Prattville, AL to look after my grandmother. She recovered from surgery so I enrolled in school again at Troy State University in Montgomery. I met my second ex while I was working at Shoney's in Prattville, while I studied at night. We married right away in 1977 and had a son 13 months later. Chris is living in Vancouver, BC, with his wife. His dad met someone online and moved to Cleveland, OH in 1998 after we had been together over 21 years. Go figure!

But, I finally stayed in one place long enough to finish my degree at the University of Alabama in 1985 in Sociology. I worked at the State of Alabama Welfare RETIRED!

I met my new hubby Leon, through a close friend. He loves to travel and do things, I try to keep up. We share a love for music, pets and kids. We just bought a home together in December, 2001. He is good at accepting my love for antiques and I share his love for fine guitars. Our home has a big basement, for stashing future antiques and a big pickin' room too. We have a big Lionel Train layout, too. Y'all Come see us!

June, 2006

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