John Michael Novikoff, Jr., Class of '72

Working at "The Computer Lab". 

About-Baker: Not very high profile in the 11th and 12th grades. Just went to school and briefly learned parachuting. Later, I took it up again two more times for a total of 1300 jumps.

One memorable moment was when many of us left classes and held a demonstration. The janitor was chased by a red-haired guy I can't remember. A group of us also went in a truck to FlatRock Park one day and I think that same guy (Steve?) shot our trip on 8mm movie film. I wish I knew if that movie was still around.

After-Baker: Went from Columbus to Savannah to Statesboro to Deland, FL and then Zephyrhills, FL.

July, 2001

I moved from Okinawa in the fall of 1970 and jumped right into skydiving lessons at the Benning Sport Parachute Club. Little did my folks know when they signed the legal release that I would end up with over 1300 skydives 25 years later. Yes, the Auditorium fire was memorable as well as the whole Lt. Cally thing.

I now reside in Zephyrhills, Fl near Tampa where I work at a computer lab called "The Computer Lab", which is my first business venture.

May, 2005

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