Catherine T. "Cathy" Willis (Kerrigan), Class of '72

This was taken awhile ago, but better than the high school picture!! 

Thanks to Army life, I've lived in 5 other states since graduation. My husband just retired July '96 as a LTC. We have been married 18 years and have one beautiful 13 year old daughter. We now reside in Orlando, FL and love it! I a m working as a secretary in the Guidance Office of an elementary school. ~~~ Wow, lots has changed since I wrote the info above. Still living in Orlando Fl, but now divorced (after 25 years) and trying to start life again at 51. My daughter, who is soon to be 21, also lives here, so this has become home for us! I still miss Columbus, but do make occasional trips there to visit family & friends. After almost 10 years working for the same school, I decided it was time for a change! I am now back to working again for the federal government, as a Secretary for the Department of Finance and Accounting Services. My site manager and many others that I work with used to live in Columbus (prior affiliation with civil service or the military), so I truly feel at home there and do believe that it is a small world in which we live in. It was great coming to the last, big high school reunion and seeing so many familiar faces and friends! Looking forward to another one!

June, 2005

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