J. Lynn "Turtle" Wyatt, Jr., Class of '72

Just when you thought it was safe to upload pictures! 

I played JV football during 1969 and 1970. After a knee injury, I was sports manager for the last two years (1971 and 1972). I was yearbook and newspaper photographer for all four years.

After kissing a lot of toads, I was able to find my princess and marry her in 1981. We now have three great children Withnell (1984), Henry (1990), and Cary (1999).

Our home is in Orlando, FL. This is the only place on earth that you can drain the swamp, place a mouse there, and people will pay thousands of dollars to come and see it!

I travel about fifty weeks a year in my career of programming computers.

Let me hear from you when visiting Mickey and I can steer you in the right direction. Mainly away from the tourist traps.

July, 2007

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