Ann Benett (Riley), Class of '73

I was in Dandylions my sophmore and junior years and was in various clubs. In my senior year I was in DCT and got out of school at noon and loved it! I loved travelling to New Orleans with the band and going to the football games. Like everyone else I guess the most memorable moment was when the auditorium bured down.

After graduating I married Don Parker (class of 71) and we had 2 children: a boy Patrick, now 19 and going to college in Iowa, and a girl, Kelley, a junior in high school. Don and I were divorced in 1983. Time has healed old wounds and we are again friends. I am now remarried to Dennis Reilly, a Battalion Chief in the fire dept. I attended Columbus College and got my degree in nursing and am now an RN in the emergency dept of a busy urban hospital. Life is good!

November, 1997

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