Jim "Jimmy Byrd" Byrd (Byrd or Dailey), Class of '73

Me at OSU 2000 

Ran cross country and track at Baker. I miss looking out the windows at Baker when class was going on, especially the ones on the second floor facing Victory Drive and CB&T. Where I always thought to myself: "I'll be glad to get-out of here!"

Since I left Baker:

1. Joined the service where I was forced to go by my real Dad's name: Dailey. I was very fortunate to serve my three years of active military at Fort Benning. Almost went to Viet Nam, but President Ford saved the day. I went to Columbus College. Worked in Urban Planning at Columbus. Joined the GA-Army National Guard, later served in the U.S.Navy Reserve. Moved to Oklahoma in 1981, where I worked for a dozen or more Indian tribes. Later, I went back to school at Oklahoma State University.

2. Elected Chief of one of my Indian Tribes, the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. aka Tribal Chairman of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma (1993 - 1995).

3. Awarded the Presidential Jefferson Peace Medal from President Clinton in April, 1994 for being honored at the White House as Tribal Chairman of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma.

4. Earned Architectural License from the Oklahoma Board of Governors for Licensed Architects. I am a Licensed Architect in Oklahoma with a practice at my home in Stillwater where I also go to school @ Oklahoma State University.

4. Earned two degrees at OSU one in Business Administration BS (Accounting), another in History BA, and a minor in MSIS. I'm in graduate school at Oklahoma State. I am teaching undergraduates Introductory MSIS(Management Science and Information Systems) at the OSU College of Business, where I have been working for the last six years. I never thought that I would be a teacher. I will either teach or go into full-time accounting when I graduate. I have met a lot of famous people here in Oklahoma and OSU.

Other project worked in the Indian Gaming Industry for different Indian Tribes. Since it is a regulated industry, the demand for accurate accounting gives me a job. Today, Indian Gaming is a billion dollar industry. I do want to continue my political career as Principal Chief of the Osage Nation(a goal). I worked, also, as a contract accountant, and do taxes every tax season. My dad, mom, brother Joe, and brother Patrick all live in the Columbus-area. Any 1973 graduate that would want to e-mail me, please do. I would enjoy hearing from you. I am so glad to see so many in my class use the computer. I hope all update their individual web folder. Today, it is nothing to learn programming in high school. My kids can type faster than me on the computer. I miss Columbus, but as things in life are. You must go on to improve yourself.

I am fortunate to be happy and in good health. Also, I have two little girls(now teens), and their names are Brooklin and Chelsea. I have been divorce for a while now, as I believe that was the right course for my immediate family.

As for the hat, I wear cowboy hats all the time now. As seasons change, so do I. I wear all this cowboy stuff: starched jeans, boots, and belts. I still play a little lead guitar and have a full-set of hair. I am Georgia raised, but style in Oklahoma attire.

I do come to Columbus to visit, but time is always a burden when I am there. All my family and relatives want to see me. There are so many changes: at Baker, Benning Hills, and Oakland Park. I remember so well how it was when we were there in school. I am grateful for Baker, its memories, and thanks to the people who put this system together. My God bless all who attended Baker. I wish you all well.

See you all, Jimmy

March, 2003

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Me at the College of Business Admin. OSU
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Cowboy Jim
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OSU Speaker Board(w/ me) and Magic Johnson
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