Virgil P. "(Ricky)" Clemmons, Class of '73

Archeology club (72-73), other than that,just a student hoping to graduate with my class (I did-but still can't spell worth a poop). The pep rallys were always GREAT! as were the football games. Remember my Mom checking me out of school during the riots. Probably a good thing she did. My Dad would have beat the crap out of me if I had gotten involved in the mess. And of course, the fire. I hope the time my teachers spent on me made a difference, I think it did. I also remember graduation. I remember the old auditorium & thinking during the ceremony that my years at high school had gone by to fast & feeling sad that it was now over & time to grow up. I've only seen two or three people since Baker and sometimes wonder what has happened to everybody.

Married to a '72' Kendrick grad (Barbara Langley) going on 30 yrs with a 25 & 20 yr daughter/son. Our daughter works in the Claims area of AFLAC & our son is also employed at AFLAC in the Support Services area & plays roller & ice hockey.

I'm employed at AFLAC in the IT dept since May of 1991. Enjoy family & genalogy,gardening (Baker did teach me how to play in the dirt while in the Archelogy club),watching my grass grow ( no,my front lawn!),music from our time, web surfing,reading (trying to catch up on what I was suppose to read in English Literature have cver 1,776 books in my mini-library - go to and search for user 'virg144'),walking/hiking the Pine Mountain Trail, mountian biking AND the greatest sport in the world, Ice Hockey! GO COTTONMOUTHS!!!

I guess my ambition is the same as everyone else, to be able to connect to the web,grow some hair,lose weight,be rich,healthy & etc,etc.

Was very surprised to see how many people have pasted away in the class of '73'. I knew & had class with some of them. Lived in Columbus since high school. Never been to a reunion (yet) and hope to one day. Would like to win the lottery-just 50 million or so will do. Well, guess I have blabbed enought, send me an email, we'll talk, take care, Virg

June, 2006

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