Michael Crase, Class of '73

About-Baker: During my fabulous 4-year tour of the Baker campus, I played on the BHS baseball team, ran track (I actually let someone pass me on the inside lane during one meet [very embarassing!], and hung out with the Bliss boys (those stories would fill a set of encyclopedias)! What an adventure!

Watching the auditorium burn to the ground was quite memorable. Getting knocked in the head during the race riots on campus was also very memorable!

One of the most enjoyable things as a Baker Bum was goofing off with Theresa Cupp in homeroom. She sat behind me every year. We cut up, joked, and generally had a great time in homeroom, starting each day off great!

After-Baker: Since leaving Baker, I graduated from FSU in Education, attended seminary for 1 1/2 years, worked for Federal Express for about 11 years, got divorced. But not before having three great kids...2 boys and a girl, 18, 14, & 13. They are the greatest achievement without a doubt. The two boys are at Hardaway. My daughter will be attending there as well. Right now I am helping with my finance's business selling Cigar Box Purses. (www.cigarboxcreations.com) She is very talented, check out the web site. I love playing on the computer, reading, and basically doing all things with my fiance, and of course, doing anything with my kids. And, of all things, I have somehow 'discovered' golf at this late age. It's amazing how addictive it has become.

January, 2002

About the only memorable thing I did at Baker was dream about having an orange GTO with a Hurst shifter. Never got one. I also personally endured a couple of fights during the race riots. Lived through the auditorium burning down.

Some of the most fun I has was clowing around with Theresa Cupp in home room every morning. Also hung out with the Bliss brothers. That was exciting, believe me!

I've had three kids, two boys and a girl. All three are my greatest achievements; they're the greatest. I've been divorced... should I say more than once? ... naw, better not reveal that! Mainly I just survived.

January, 2002

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