Debra Dixon (Hurter), Class of '73

The highlights of my years at Baker were being on the annual staff, in the English club and running around with the other Army brats from Ft. Benning. I hated leaving Baker in my senior year because I had been chosen Annual Editor but the Army called. I regretted not graduating with the class of 73 and have always been interested in fellow classmates.

When I left Baker my family went to Germany, where I finished HS. I met my husband in college, married him in 1976 and graduated from Univ of Oklahoma in 1977 w/BS in Home Ec Ed. We've lived mainly in OK, TX, and IL moving with his career. He's employed in management for Amoco Oil Co.

Besides raising 2 sons, I have taught school and become a practicing artist. Currently I am home schooling one of my teenage sons; the other is testing his new found independence. I am constantly improving my fiber artwork with new techniques & ideas. I had a one-woman show last summer that was my first opportunity to do an art installation & I have done 2 others since that show.

I am also the exhibition coordinator for the Houston Women's Caucus for Art, which supports women's art.

One of my biggest challenges is "living in a household with 3 men!" Thank Goodness for soaking spas!

February, 1998

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