Eloise Jones, Class of '73

Eloise Jones June 1973 

Personal: I own my own home in the Embry Hill area of Atlanta/Doraville. I have 7 wonderful cats, ranging in age from 15 to 1 year old, soon to have 2 new baby boys (kittens) RhettButler and AshleyWilkes. I have a wonderful job, which I enjoy, I am the Executive Admin to the 3 owners of the Company and HR Administrator for 200+ employees. I have a wonderful family and a new great-niece, named after my father (died in 2004) Addison. Who is the light in all our eyes. I feel very lucky to who I am and turned out to be...

May, 2006

EJ's e-mail address: eejones8 at bellsouth dot net    Contact information for EJ Baker Lions only

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Eloise Jones November 2005
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