Robert "Pepper" Kile, Class of '73

I spent four years at Baker, mostly reading or sleeping. I did not like high school very much and my fondest memory is leaving. I drank too much in college and took an incredibly long time to graduate. Graduated from Columbus College and went into the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant, got out as a Captain. George Filbeck (Baker 73")was my platoon trainer in the Basic Course and I ran into Greg Johnston (Baker 73')in Hoenfels, Germany in 1989. Also saw Bobby Roche (Baker 74' or 75") in Grafenwohr, Germany about the same time. I was in East Berlin on October 3, 1989 (the night the Wall came down). Obviously spent some time in Europe, also spent 3 years in Panama and about 6 months in the Middle East when life was fun. Currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the Reserve. I went to law school at DePaul University in Chicago after leaving the Army and am now a trial lawyer in Chicago (no I don't do divorces). I have been married for 25 years to a Pacelli 76' grad. We have one daughter, 20 years old and incredibly beautiful (takes after her mother obviously). I live on a golf course in NW indiana (actually in a house on the 4th fairway) and play extensively, something I had no interest in as a teenager. I look pretty much the same and still have all of my hair.

April, 2004

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