Tamara "Tami" Smith (Bucalo), Class of '73

Unfortunately, I only attended Baker my senior year, and did not have alot of high school friendships formed over a period of four years time. I do have alot of good memories of Baker though...the Senior Class trip to Six Flags...Mr. Liebendorfer howling in Humanities class...that was the year it snowed in March...I wore short sleeves to school and by 10 am there was about an inch of snow on the ground and it stayed for about a week! I lived in Benning Hills at the top of Lowe Dr. across the street from Mike and Billy Woodard, and we had to make it to the top of the hill in a foot of snow....I had a good senior year and I am proud to be a BAKER LION.....

I stayed in Columbus for most of my adult life, got married to a GI and had three children...a son and two daughters....got divorced...moved to Florida for several years....been back and forth....I am a floral designer...still in the Columbus area....I have just recently discovered computers....so this is all still very new to me, but is becoming something I enjoy, I spend alot of time doing it anyway! I am single...43 years old...my best friend is a male rottweiler named Lasher. I really love to travel. I have done alot of traveling in my life and have a bit of a gypsy in me. I would like to retire while I am young enough to enjoy it!

April, 1998

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