Bobby Tillman, Class of '73

I remember leaving the class of the red-headed English IV teacher who told me I would amount to nothing if I left her class.

In 1969 (?) we put a smoke bomb in John Szymanski's locker. The intent was to have someone pull a fire alarm, which happened, so the entire school would get out of class, which happened. Additionally the freshman wing caught on fire and we were caught, which was not supposed to happen.

After leaving Baker, I joined the U.S. Army, which led to a successful, rewarding career. The highlights of my Army years were assignments to NATO and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I retired from the Army in 1992.

I married four times to date. (Yes, four.) I have four children, Kip, Mandi, Amber, and Crystal.

I attended and finished graduate school with the University of Maryland Class of 1992.

I actually left Baker in 1972; I claim the Class of '73. I married Wanda Guenther shortly after the Class of 73's 20th reunion. I enjoy studying and playing guitar.

May, 1997

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