Faye Beasley (Bellardine), Class of '74

I enjoyed my friends the most. The times we skipped school and didn't get caught. The day it snowed 15 inches. The football games and the pizza afterwards.

The most memorable day for me, and my family, was graduation.

I attended Columbus Tech for a year and married my high school sweet heart (Augie). We had a son in 75 and a daughter two years later. My husband was in the Navy and we traveled the world. Our children are now 22 and 20 and we have a granddaughter 7 months.

I attended several colleges in our travels and finally graduated with a degree in Paralegalism.

We currently reside in Virginia Beach. My husband retired from the Navy with 22 years and is now a Systems Engineer doing consultant work for the navy.

October, 1997

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