Bernard "Buddy" Bentfeld, Class of '74

Me with my ball cap, no hair underneath. All my long blonde hair went bye, bye. No laughing please. LOL 

Hey everybody, specially my 74 class homeboys and girls. How have yall been doin!!? I hope as Great as me. Im in the process of moving back to Columbus from Warner Robins. Was working on a govt. contract and it ran out. Well, I finally got my degree (after all these years) and am ready for a job in the IT field. So, any of you locals need to get me plugged in. Im not beyond starting as an executive administrator, LOL. Ok, I have been married a couple times and since the last one, 10 years ago, I vowed not to do it again, (seems like Ive said that before, LOL). I have one beautiful daughter and a 2 year old grandson, (hes a sport model, already teachin him to play golf). I havent kept in touch with too many of my former classmates with the exception of the Scott twins, (Ron and Donald). Cant seem to elude them. LOL. Have talked to a few folks from time to time, Steve Volentine, Frank Moore, Buddy Nelms Really lookin forward to seein all my cronies from the best class that ever graduated from Baker, Yeah, 1974 Lions! We rocked and this weekend, we will rock again! Lets do something crazy yall. Somebody come up with a scheme that every one will remember. Hey, I got it. Member when streakin was a big thing during our year. Anybody got the nerve? Lets get a few drinks in us and well discuss it. Later yall and see ya there. Buddy Bentfeld, (Bud)

July, 2004

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Hey what happen to your hair dude? I'm still lookin for it, LOL. 30 years has taken its toll, especially on my head, ha ha!
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